Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are Chuck, Aryeh and Barbara.

Chuck: I enjoy coming to Bais Menachem on Friday nights and dancing around  the bima. Thank you for being my friends. I look forward to coming all week.

Aryeh: Not all of you know me; I come on Wednesday to learn Tanya with  Rabbi Epstein, and, when I am up to it, on Shabbos. I have some health  challenges and I know everyone has their own issues when I come to Bais  Menachem I see everyone has their ‘happy face’ on and that makes me feel  better and like I can endure my difficulties. Bais Menachem provides that oasis  of good feeling in my life. It’s a place of happiness and support in a world that  isn’t always so kind, especially for older people. Thank you for making it a home  for me!

Barbara: I met Rabbi Rapoport when he brought me hot chicken soup one  Friday. Since then he comes to visit regularly, we have put up a mezuzah and I  enjoy his insights. I am elderly and never had any children – the rabbi’s visits  make me smile and bring me joy.

Thank you for creating a comfortable and welcoming home at Bais Menachem;  your impact is truly meaningful.  Your membership dues help create the shul that is so meaningful to so many.


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